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The 2010-11 Institute hosted three symposia to interrogate broadly the relationship between the humanities and the rise of the digital. These symposia aimed to contribute significantly to the digital humanities by posing a series of hard questions about the tensions between the terms digital and humanities. What can we say we have learned about the relationships between the digital and the human, and between the digital and the humanities? What are the major problems and possibilities of humanities pedagogy performed through or based in computation? Theorists routinely revise and extend concepts of the digital and of the human. But do practical initiatives in the digital humanities hold as yet under-articulated consequences for such theories? And, conversely, how might theoretical discussion of the digital humanities help clarify pressing practical problems in the field?

A white paper reflecting on the symposia may be downloaded here.

An archive of some social-media-based conversations about TILTS symposium three may be downloaded here (with thanks to Mark Sample).

All events are free and open to the public.

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